Students of the University of Crete have the opportunity to submit online in order to apply for free accommodation in student dormitories. Current students’ applications should be submitted each year in the spring following the respective announcement of the Office of Student Affairs ( ).

First-year students submit their application in September during registration. The selection of students is made on the recommendation of the relevant committee and approval of the Rector's Council on the basis of their ranking and given the capacity of available halls of residence. The ranking is determined by a points system, which is based on economic and social criteria of the student's family, according to a decision of the Senate of the University of Crete and based on documents that accompany each application.

During the summer period accommodation in student dormitories are allocated to students and researchers visiting University of Crete for summer schools, conferences, research collaborations at a very low cost. Requests should be send in advance in order to check the availability.

Contact email for Heraklion Residences :

Contact email for Rethimnon Residences : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Check University of Crete students’ dormitories in Rethimnon “Gallos Housing” Photo Album   here